lundi 19 mai 2014

Difficulties you encountered

In the group, we had difficulties for ther thermal and environmental impact study because first, it took us a lot of time and then it was very long to find all the informations. 
An other difficulty that we had, is that in the beginning, we did not talk enough between us. 

Reasons for the solution you chose

Environmental impact Study:

I study the environmental impact for the floor. I compare two materials for the insulation: Cellular Glass and the Polyurethane.

We can see on the graphic that the Cellular Galss release a lot less Carbon Dioxide than the Polyurethane. And the polyurethane has more primary energy than the cellular glass. 
So the Cellular glass is better than the polyurethane because it is better for the environmental impact. 

Context of the project

The seasonal house is situate in Brittany by the beach, sea.

Description of the project

Project SAN

The name of the project is SAN ( wich is the first letter of the group members: Sylvain, Alexia, Nathalie)
The project is a seasonal house with a form of star-shape for a young couple with 2 chidrens.

Ground Floor

 First Floor

This project respect some labels and standards such as the High Quality Environmental Label, the Thermal Regulation 2012 and Disability Standard. We study the environmental impact and thermal study but we decided to give priority to the environmental impact study

 This house will collect rainwater to use it in the house and then waste water will go into the natural swimming-pool (phytopurification).

Name and Role of project member


In the project, I did some study and other things. I did the scope statement, the phytopurification and the High Quality Environmental study. 

Scope Statement 


High Quality Environmental

For the studies, I did the thermal and environmental study for the floor.